Our Agents Had an Amazing 2017: Here Are the Stars of our 2017 VIVO Annual Awards

Top Producer #1 “Ottosen Award” – Heather Stevens


Top Producer #2- Joseph Garcia


Top Producer #3- Clair Cannon


Rookie of the Year- Robyn Brandenburg


Rising Star Plano- Sarah McCrory

Rising Star Dallas- Irene Campos

Dedicated Agent- Oscar Gonzalez


Coach of the Year- Joseph Garcia

Earnest Award- Heather Heyne

Agent With the Biggest Heart- Plano- Robyn Brandenburg

Agent With the Biggest Heart- Dallas- Angela Garcia



And a special thanks to our guest speaker Danny Ottosen…

And our Platinum Sponsors Chuck Murphy from Caltex Funding and Caleb Buczek from Guaranteed Rate

Best of the Red Carpet:


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