Three ways AI can help scale your real estate business

From scheduling to photo editing and everything in between, there’s a lot of ways AI can boost your business. Here’s how three Metroplex agents are incorporating a variety of artificial intelligence applications into their day-to-day real estate operations.

AI as a smart workhorse

David Maez, VIVO Realty

Favorite AI tools: ChatGPT, Canva, Midjourney

"As the owner, broker of record and chief marketing officer at Plano-based VIVO Realty, David Maez treats AI like a big workhorse — it does the tedious, time-consuming parts of his job for him.

Maez considers himself to be at the forefront of the AI revolution in real estate. An instructor at Champions School of Real Estate, he formerly taught an AI course for agents. Back then, chatbots and the Amazon Alexa were the height of AI technology for the everyday user. But today, more sophisticated technology is right at agents’ fingertips."

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