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Be a part of our dynamic and growing team.

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  • $45M+ Monthly in Zillow and OpCity leads
  • 11 office locations
  • 36-week coaching program
  • Website + mobile app
  • Marketing support
  • Flexible agent plans
  • Zero office fees
Best of Zillow and Zillow Elite Partner


We are a unique brokerage dedicated to providing the best tools, tech, and resources for our agents to thrive and be the absolute best

But success is nothing if you’re not having fun. We take fun seriously, no pun intended.

We are on a mission to improve the real estate process for the buyer, seller, and YOU, the agent, one deal at a time. 

With attractive splits (With Hybri, proven systems, technology, tools, support, and an unbeatable culture it’s easy to see why so many have decided to call this home.


Our company values are the heart of our VIVO culture and our agents can not only recite them but live by them!

  • Exceed expectations, under-promise, over-deliver. 
  • Innovate and grow through education.
  • Be creative, push the limits, find a better way.
  • Be brutally honest.
  • Work smart.
  • Listen more. Talk less. Be yourself.
  • Be passionate.
  • Take pride in your work. Have fun, be different


We take our agent’s time and personal wellness seriously. We know that in order to be successful on the field you need to take care of yourself off the field.
Our agents are taught in the belief that there are six elements to being your best. 

  • Emotional
  • Environmental
  • Intellectual
  • Social
  • Health
  • Spiritual


Company culture is waking up each morning loving what you do and who you do it with.

We have a zero tolerance policy in our team and our brokerage is more of a family then it is a brokerage. 

Every month we hold team building events from karaoke to bowling, and your significant other is always welcome!

Each fall we also have our yearly Founder’s Day event where the whole family is invited to enjoy some good food, a cold beverage

But beyond the fun are a group of agents that enjoy working with one another and what they do. 

VIVO is family-owned and operated, and we live by the words, “your vibe attracts your tribe.” 

We take our hiring process seriously to be sure we are right for you and you are right for our team. 

When you work with VIVO, you become a part of our family!


VIVO GIVES was started in 2014 to give back to our communities. 

Since its creation, our agents have given back through volunteer work with Habitat for Humanity and local Nursing Homes in the DFW area. 

Each quarter VIVO Gives looks to expand its reach in helping to better our neighborhoods and the people that live in them.


Each week there are training events for you to take advantage of. Our sales and leads meetings take place each Monday to start your week off right.

You will learn scripts and dialogue as well as rebuttals to help you close more transactions on the phone and in person.

Every Wednesday there are Lunch and Learns where your instructor will teach you relevant on the field topics such as contract changes, mastering difficult contract dialogue, and mastering new technology.

Every month there are also special classes offered such as Marketing Masterminding with David Maez, panels, podcasts, and more. 

Our VIVO University class is a 16 hour course required for all new agents (experienced or new). VIVO U (as we like to call it) is held twice yearly in (spring, fall/winter). 

It is a hard-hitting course that teaches you hands-on sales, service, contract, marketing, and tech skills. VIVO U is a requirement for all of our agents.


All agents with one year or less will be assigned a Success Coach based on a DISC personality profile to ensure your performance.

Our Success Coaches are all Top Producing agents with a minimum of four years experience. They are vested in your success.

Each new agent will then undergo our 0-90 Day proprietary and hard-hitting training program that’s proven to make new agents succeed in the first 90 days. 

Our coaching program is a one-on-one training program to give you that personal touch and allow you to ask the questions new agents don’t want to ask in a room full of agents.

For experienced agents we offer high-level training to take your business to the next level, such as Listing Boss with Hoss Pratt and personal one-on-one coaching with our co-founders. 


  • Cloud-based transaction management
  • VIVO Certified Home Selling Program
  • Enhanced Package
  • Personal website with IDX and custom content with blog
  • SalesForce CRM and Database Management


Marketing your own properties and yourself on top of being an agent, can be hard. 

Our in-house in-house marketing team makes it simple. 

We handle everything from: 

  • Branding
  • Content Management
  • Copywriting
  • Podcasting
  • Video
  • Social media management
  • Advertising
  • Graphic Design 

And MUCH more! You will also have access to dozens of templates for Just Sold postcards, farming postcards, social media templates, buyer and seller booklets, and more.

Leave the marketing to us and focus on your buyers and sellers! 


When it comes to finding the right brokerage, money is important. 

This is why we focus on your bottom line. 

By providing the tools and tech you need you can save money by avoiding the nickel and dime techniques so many other brokerages use. 

When you’re with VIVO you’re getting the whole enchilada upfront. There are no add-ons, franchise fees, and no hidden costs. 

We make it simple for you to run your business and make more money. Talk to us about our attractive splits and plans to help you thrive. 


This business is all about lead generation. And who doesn’t want more leads? 

Each month our company generates millions of dollars in lead opportunities.

Agents who have opted in to our lead program will join a leads team, and when leads come in, they are routed to our agents via our proprietary lead-distribution software. 

Once agents have closed several transactions on their leads team they now have the opportunity to join our Zillow Top Gun lead program. This team is reserved for the best closers and you will have the ability to work live-transfer vetted leads. 

The biggest perk with our leads program is you not only receive leads, but we train you how to close them. 

But we not only offer leads to our agents, we teach you how to work them and close them. We also teach you how to get your own leads. 

Instead of changing the agent a monthly fee for these lead opportunities we charge a small transaction fee when the lead is closed. 


When our co-founders created VIVO they had the vision that everyone involved with the company would be successful. 

Our founders understood how powerful being in control of your own time and income and wanted to help our agents grow their income and careers. 

Our VIVO model is about YOU, the agent, and it always has been. 

What better way to start living than to help thousands of buyers and sellers live happier lives?

Take a step to making your real estate career successful by calling our career counselor and setting up an interview to learn more about our company and team.