It is no secret that the real estate process can be a tense one, but with the right Realtor by

your side who can calm the chaos, they will make the entire transaction a smooth and

stress-free one so you can enjoy every moment (and maybe laugh a little too).

Highly motivated, goal-driven, and super personable, Matthew Watson is a professional and

qualified Real Estate Agent who aims to make real estate a fun, inviting, and light for

everyone involved. He knows how to address all perspectives in a transaction, making the

buying, selling, and leasing process an excellent experience for his clients. He has an

extensive background in negotiating, hosts a solid foundation within both the residential and

commercial industries, and has a true passion for his career in this industry.

Matthew was born in Manila, the capital of the Philippines and was raised in Texas. When

he got a bit older, Matthew and his family received an opportunity to travel abroad to

Taiwan. While there, Matthew attended an American International school to really absorb

himself in the multicultural atmosphere. After that journey was completed, Matthew moved

back to Texas when he was 18 years old, and went full force into his musical aspirations,

which operated from 2004 to 2013.

While pursuing his career in music, Matthew also entered into the Energy Marketing and

Sales Industry in 2009. This new endeavor allowed him to gain immense researching

knowledge and sharpened his interpersonal skills, giving him the advanced ability to

connect with anyone he meets. Today, Matthew successfully owns and operates a

residential and commercial energy direct marketing firm, and it only continues to thrive.

From years of management, building relationships, collecting data, studying preferences,

analyzing buying habits, and intense negotiating, this set the tone for Matthew to begin his

real estate career with a superior advantage. During Matthew's professional life, he had a

special place for real estate, proactively partaking in transactions throughout his earlier

years. In 2018, he decided to take this to a new level and became a licensed Realtor. Then

in 2020, Matthew earned his GRI Designation, proving that he has an in-depth

understanding and the core fundamentals to achieve valuable results.

Anyone who knows or has worked with Matthew understands that he is someone who never

settles for anything less than the best for himself and his clients. He illuminates his devotion

by delivering tactful, professional, and qualified services and strives to make win-win

scenarios for every situation. With his fervent background, focus on achieving nothing but

success, and mission to give positive experiences for his clients, you can solidify your

confidence that you are in the best hands.

Though Matthew is always working on improving himself and enhancing his career by

walking properties, finding renovations, and showing homes, when he is not at the office or

with a client, he is happily hanging out with his wife and three daughters. He is also a sports

fan, a semi-gamer, and a huge movie buff who can recite tons of 90's movie lines. So if you are into that stuff too, be prepared to have some awesome conversations!