Ray Eshghipour grew up in the Chicago area and became a proud Texas resident over 12 years

ago. As Ray would put it, “I knew I made the right choice moving here because it felt like home

as if I had lived in Texas all my life already!” He has been married to his beautiful wife for over

23 years and a proud parent of his 20-year-old daughter.

Ray Eshghipour has several years of experience in the credit, finance and customer service arena

with multiple lines of business. The last 15 years of his career has been in the capacity of a

Director of Operations, as a sub-contractor for Department of Education, helping students

achieve a firm handle on managing their student loans through consultative guidance and

providing best options towards a financially secure future.

Ray believes that understanding the needs of individuals along with effective, concise

communication with all parties involved in any transaction are key elements to a successful

outcome. Ray is also a huge proponent of ongoing training and hands on approach in any

business dealing, to ensure up to date knowledge and handling of each step for the best end result

in the transaction involved.

With his wife being a successful Real Estate agent, he has now decided to team up with his wife

as real estate partners in addition to being life partners!

When not busy working, Ray likes to check out local shops and restaurants to enjoy the true

flavor of Texas living!

His approach in life has always been “Invest in people, gain their trust and you will get your

return 10-fold”